Hello 4-H Community!

We are looking forward to seeing what 4-H members have done this year (raised/trained an animal, took photos, made cookies/posters/creative arts, grew plants, built a robot, gave a presentation) and are excited to use the FairEntry online registration platform this year. Resources to support you through the process are available below and at https://extension.wsu.edu/graysharbor/4-h/links/

4-H Member/Exhibitor Resources
> Explore the 4-H Exhibitor Guide, which describes opportunities and entry details at https://extension.wsu.edu/graysharbor/4-h/links/

> FairEntry Step-by-Step Guide
> Video Demonstrating the Entry Process for Families (3:00)

GH 4-H Fair Entry Dates

> Submit Equine Entry Info by Monday, July 10
> Submit Animal Entry Info by Monday, July 10

All other 4-H entry information can be submitted at the dates and times described below.

Contact us if alternate arrangements need to be made.

Bring 4-H Still Life Exhibits (photos, creative arts, posters, etc.) to the WSU Extension office
> July 17-20 (9a-4p)
> July 24-27 (9a-4p)

Bring 4-H Still Life Exhibits (photos, creative arts, posters, etc.) to GHC Fair Pavilion
> July 30 (1-6 pm)

Bring 4-H Still Life Exhibits(fruits, veggies, flowers, baked goods)
> Aug 1 (1-6 pm)

4-H Exhibitor and 4-H Staff Sign-In

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