Welcome to the 4-H & FFA Washington County Fair entry program. All open class entries can be entered at washco.fairwire.com.

Please remember that the age divisions are as of January 1st of this year and are as follows:

Novice - first year Juniors

Juniors - ages 8-10

Intermediates - ages 11-13

Seniors - ages 14-18

FFA - 8th - 12th grade

4-H members please don't forget to sign up for your project interview evaluations. They are within the project sign-ups. Livestock interviews will be held on Monday, July 20th in Weiser at the UI Washington County Extension Office and Tuesday, July 21st in at the Exhibit Hall in Cambridge. FCS & Miscellaneous projects will be held on Monday, July 27th in the Exhibit Hall.

Exhibitors must enter Showmanship for each species. If you are in both 4-H & FFA you must enter showmanship for each. If you are bringing 2 market animals, please enter both animals into the market class.

ALL 4-H & FFA fair entries must be submitted by 5:00 pm on July 1st.

Entry fees for 4-H fair entries are due at the time of your interview evaluation on July 20th or 21st. If you are unable to do your interview evaluation on either of these dates, entry fees are due on July 20th when you turn in your record book/portfolio.

FFA fair entry fees are due by Monday, July 20th.

If you run into any issues with your fair entry, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 208-414-0415 or shoot us an email at washington@uidaho.edu.

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